Need custom cable assemblies? Need a design for more capacity and reliability? USCABLES is able to handle all your cable assembly needs specifically for aerospace, healthcare, pharmaceutical, medical device and manufacturing industries.

Custom cable and wire assembly is an item designed specifically for your needs and specifications. Ordering a custom-made cable or wire is a good choice when existing products are unable to meet the needs of your application. Sometimes an altered product could better meet the requirements of your project.

The biggest advantage of using custom cables and wires is that all aspects of the design are catered to the needs of your particular application and compliance requirements.

Ordering USCABLES customized cables and wires may even save you money because it eliminates the need to pay for unnecessary extras. The main disadvantage of choosing to have a special cable made is that it takes more time and planning when placing an order. You must dedicate time for the product to be manufactured whereas a stock item could be shipped right away.

We at USCABLES will manufacture our products based on material and usability specifications to meet your project requirements. Interested in our services? Call today for a quote.

USCABLES your reliable cable and wire assembly partner, from prototype to production

Cable Assemblies

Need custom cable assemblies? Let us help you prototype and produce your next cable assembly project.
We build every cable assembly project with precision, urgency and quality in mind.

Wire Harnesses

Our custom wire harness manufacturing will get you from prototype to production within budget and on time.
With over 20 years of experience, we know that building wire harnesses to spec and on time are critical to the success of your project. We meet our customer’s expectations and due dates every project, every time.

Electro-mechanical Assemblies

Contact us for expert assembly of your product or device. Turnkey or labor-only welcome.We can take your custom electro-mechanical assembly from prototype to production.

When you work with our cable design experts, you have the opportunity to choose everything from the materials to the configuration of the cable. We’ll help you determine which conductor material, stranding and lay is right for your application. We’ll also help you choose the most appropriate insulation and jacketing materials for your cable. Need to add shielding to minimize signal interference or armor for extra mechanical protection? USCABLES will help you find the best option for your custom made cable and wire assemblies .we’ll also tailor your custom cable design to meet requirements for flexibility, environmental resistances and performance parameters.

If you need your cable to meet industry standards, USCABLES will accommodate that, too. We design custom cables to meet UL, CSA, CE and even Mil-Spec standards. And don’t forget about the look of the cable. You can even choose the jacket color too.

USCABLES is an outstanding partner for any company that requires custom cable or wire harness assemblies. We accept both large volume and small quantity orders. USCABLES is a division of AB Controls.